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Coming Soon: Tax Revolt

(originally launched into cyberspace on 11/16/2008)

Dang it! I was going to send this e-mail earlier, before I had
heard anyone else saying this. Well, now someone else--someone with
a pretty darn good record of predicting stuff--is saying it. Oh

In short, I think very soon you will see a national tax revolt.
Now, I wish that it would happen as a result of millions of people
finding out they don't actually OWE federal income taxes. I'd
settle for some philosophical-based revolt, like the American
Revolution, where they oppose being robbed on principle. But I'm
afraid it will be simpler even than that: people will be running
out of money (or what passes for money these days), and the
government will be too stupid to reduce its extortionist practices--
in fact, it will try to steal much MORE from people (especially
with Barack Ostalin in office), because "government" never thinks
that it should do with less.

And then good old-fashioned desperation will kick in, and people
will decide that buying food is more important than sending money
to the IRS. And non-compliance--or at least, what people THINK is
non-compliance (since they don't owe all the taxes they think they
do)--has a self-accelerating effect. If a million people do it, and
ten million other people HEAR about it, then 11 million people will
be doing it, and so on. There is safety in numbers, especially when
it comes to disobeying tyrants. As the level of disobedience rises,
the probability of any given person getting into trouble for it
drops. The feds know this, which is why they have desperately tried
to keep secret the falling enforcement statistics of the IRS (as
the Syracuse TRAC studies show), while proclaiming from the
rooftops what thuggery they do manage to pull off. They are
desperate to keep everyone scared, and to a large extent, they have
succeeded. But when people really start to feel the hurt of the
coming economic collapse, they won't really care what the IRS
threatens to do any more.

Again, this isn't even how I wished things would go. I'd rather
people knew the truth, legal and philosophical, and opposed the
federal extortion racket on those grounds. But they'll probably
just do it out of simple necessity. However, one bright side might
be that more people might be open to HEARING about the federal
"income tax" fraud, once they really start feeling the pain of it.
And I'm betting when April 15th rolls around, there will be plenty
of financial pain to go around.

Larken Rose

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