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Stupidity Overload

(originally launched into cyberspace on 01/28/2008)

Dear Subscriber,

It was almost ten years ago when I released the first version of my
"Taxable Income" report. These days I get exhausted just thinking
about telling people about the 861 evidence. Those who seek to
discredit the issue--whether they be IRS agents, tax preparers,
"reporters," or people in the "movement"--are still repeating the
same utterly bogus assertions they were almost a decade ago. Is it
because they have bad memories, or because they are incapable of
following simple logic, or because they're intellectually
dishonest? Well, there are people in all three categories, but the
end result is the same.

Unfortunately, most people play the game of, "Who should I
believe?" They don't examine evidence, and they are really bad at
logic. That is why the substance-free emotionalism that passes for
"reporting" is so effective. In all the collection of "stories"
trying to demean and libel Wesley Snipes, have you seen anything
remotely resembling a look at the SUBSTANCE of the issue? Of course
not. No need. The "reporters" know that their readers have the
attention span and mental capacity of fruit flies. Substance is a
turnoff to Americans, while no lie is too idiotic to print.

The mainstream media "reporters" are STILL calling the trial of
Wesley Snipes a "tax evasion" case, even though there are NO counts
of tax evasion charged, and never were. They've also had fun
flinging around terms like "cult" and "anti-government," and the
obligatory "frivolous." They don't even bother disguising the
attempted character assassinations anymore. Recently, they've even
tried to paint Wesley Snipes as a terrorist, though without using
the term, by saying he threatened the IRS with "collateral risk" if
they prosecuted him. Oooh, aaah! Yeah, it makes for some fine
emotionalism, but it's another lie. In a letter, Mr. Snipes warned
the IRS that "pursuit of such a high profile target will open the
door for your increased collateral risk." Obviously he wasn't
talking about kneecap-smashing; he was talking about the trouble it
would cause for the IRS if they LOST such a prominent case. Are
reporters so stupid that they couldn't figure that out?

When the misinformation agents working for the feds are such
shameless liars, and the American people are, for the most part,
incapable of following a line of logic for more than five seconds,
it's no wonder that most public debate about the trial is 100%
brainless emoting, and 0% substance. A fair number of properly
trained sheep are opining that Mr. Snipes should be locked up
forever for making lots of money and not paying his "fair share."
And that's about the extent of most people's thought process (using
the term "thought" extremely loosely).

And that's why I find all this so frustrating. Trying to persuade
the general public with evidence and logic is like trying to
discuss quantum physics with a hamster. Yes, the 861 evidence is
somewhat involved, but the basic idea is pretty darn simple:

1) There are specific sections of the law which explain when income
from inside the U.S. is taxable (i.e., when it is subject to the
federal income tax).
2) For over 80 years, those section have shown domestic income to
be taxable for foreigners, and for certain Americans who also
receive income from federal possessions, but NOT for the average
3) Therefore, it is only logically and legally proper to conclude
that the domestic income of most Americans is NOT subject to the
federal income tax.

I would bet money that 98% of the American people are incapable of
comprehending the meaning of the three prior sentences. I don't
just mean they won't believe it; I mean they literally wouldn't be
able to figure out what those words MEAN. They would never get
around to deciding if it is true, because they don't have the
mental capacity to even grasp what is being claimed.

Unfortunately, I speak from experience. I've spent years responding
to an unending streams of asinine non sequiturs. "You mean the tax
is unconstitutional"? No. Had I meant that, I would have SAID that.
"You mean you don't like paying taxes?" It has nothing to do with
what anyone likes; it's about what the law says is taxable. "You
mean you want taxes to be lower?" No, I mean what I said: domestic
income, according to the law itself, is NOT TAXABLE for the vast
majority of Americans. "You mean we should stop paying our taxes?"
No, I mean they aren't your taxes. "Won't I get in trouble?"
Probably, but that has nothing to do with whether or not the law
imposes a tax on you. "My CPA says I owe the tax." Your CPA doesn't
outrank the law. "Don't people go to jail for not paying?" Yes, and
that doesn't change what the law says either. "Well, I don't mind
paying taxes for the things government does." What you do or don't
mind has nothing to do with whether you legally owe a tax or not.
"What would happen to the government if we all stopped paying?"
What does that have to do with whether you OWE it or not?

It just never ends. The common man reacts with a set of irrelevant,
emotional knee-jerk responses, and nothing more. Ask a hundred
average Americans whether they think Mr. Snipes should go to jail,
and they'll all have an opinion: most will condemn Mr. Snipes for
not doing what everyone else does, while a few will resent the IRS
enough to want Mr. Snipes to win. But ask those same people if they
have any idea WHY Mr. Snipes stopped filing, and you will find that
they are utterly clueless. So why are people so eager to give
opinions regarding things they know NOTHING about?

Sorry if this message isn't exactly up-beat, but I had to vent a
little. The fact is, most modern Americans can't think. Had they
been born here two hundred years ago, they would be in the mobs
hanging runaway slaves. Had they been born in 1940's Germany, they
would have been Nazis. Had they been born a few centuries earlier,
they would have believed that the sun goes around the earth, and
would have cheered as those who said otherwise were imprisoned. In
short, this country consists of lots and lots of unthinking morons
being oppressed by a handful of evil megalomaniacs. And those
unfortunate enough to be capable of thought are caught in the


Larken Rose