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You Cult Freaks!

(originally launched into cyberspace on 01/17/2008)

Dear Subscriber,

Some people think I'm being melodramatic when I use terms like "tax
heretic." On the contrary, I am being literally precise. "Heresy"
is a forbidden belief, a conclusion which the powers that be will
not tolerate--not because they can prove it's wrong, but because
they have DECLARED it to be wrong.

Consider Galileo. Did the clueless "authorities" who persecuted and
imprisoned him have any PROOF that what he was saying was wrong? Of
course not. Instead, there was evidence available to all that the
wise men of "the church" were clueless jackasses. The official
doctrine of the "authorities" back then was that the earth was the
middle of everything, and everything else revolved around us.
However, anyone who took a little time to track the movement of the
other planets through the sky could see that at times they would
apparently swerve around wildly. If they were going around us, like
the moon, they would just make smooth, simple arcs. Instead, the
planets were doing loopty-loops, and some people noticed that.
(Galileo was not the first.)

So, after Galileo wrote down his evidence and logic, and his
resulting conclusions--e.g., the earth goes around the sun--what
was the rebuttal from the establishment? Did they respond with
facts and figures, evidence and logic? Of course not. They
responded with cries of "Heresy!" And what does that mean? It
means, "WE say what the truth is, and the truth is what we SAY it
is, because we say it--and we say you're WRONG!" Well, that radical
Galileo kept saying it anyway, so they imprisoned him. (Wow, this
story somehow seems really familiar.)

Now consider the income tax issues. Without getting into details,
as I've done recently, many people have now seen, with their own
eyes, evidence which unmistakably DISPROVES the "conventional
wisdom" (aka accepted doctrine) about the income tax. As just one
example, the so-called "experts" think that all income is taxable
unless specifically exempted by statute, but decades of regulations
have stated that some income is exempt, not because of any section
of the tax code, but because of the Constitution itself. (See
Article 71 of Regulations 111 (1920's), 26 CFR 39.22(b)-1 (1956)),
and the current 26 CFR 1.312-6.)

And how has the establishment responded to that hard evidence? With
contrary evidence? With alternative explanations? Of course not.
They responded with "Frivolous!," the modern equivalent of
"Heresy!" In all my years of studying the issue, and TRYING to get
rational counter arguments out of the government, I have NEVER seen
any court ruling, at any level, any IRS ruling, or even an IRS form
letter, which even MENTIONS the regulations saying that some income
is not taxable because of the Constitution itself.

But they don't need to. They yell "frivolous," and that ends all
debate. It is a SIN, don't you know, to believe something that the
high priests of taxation have declared invalid. Don't ask for
citations, or evidence, or lines of reasoning. THEY SAID SO is all
you need to know. To not believe as they do (no matter what the
reason) makes you a heretic, a sinner, and in need of mental
adjustment and correction. Still think I'm exaggerating? Check out
this article:

Here are some highlights, straight from the mouths of the self-
annointed high priests of tax law.

1) J.J. MacNab, supposed a "tax expert," declared that the 861
evidence is "a cult belief." (Having tried to question Ms. MacNab
in the past about a few things which the LAW says, I can personally
vouch for the fact that she is astonishingly ignorant of the law,
and doesn't CARE that she has no rebuttal or explanation whatsoever
to any of the 861 evidence.)

2) She goes on to say that "You're not going to become a tax
protestor unless you're really angry, a little bit paranoid--you
have to think someone is hiding words in the code that the rest of
us don't see." So you can't believe you don't owe income taxes as a
result of study and logic. No, it's because you're psychologically
maladjusted, and in need of attitude correction. Don't worry, I'm
sure the federal Ministry of Love will be happy to help you out.
(In another article, she opined that "tax protestors" are mainly
middle-aged, poor, white, male racists. Well, I have the "white"
and "male" qualifications.)

3) One tax lawyer in the article opined that "if there was a legal,
efficient way to evade taxes, chances are we'd already know about
it." Um, HOW? When someone tells you--no, SHOWS you something you
don't know about, how do you react? With insults and veiled
threats. I can just picture the self-righteous "authorities" of the
past declaring, "If the earth went around the sun, we'd already
know about it."

4) But the most amazing, sickening thing in the article was where
another attorney was talking about a lottery winner who wasn't
happy with how much the feds wanted, and ended up believing some
unorthodox tax theory (I have no idea which one). Here is the
attorney's follow-up comment (have a barf bucket handy): "It wasn't
until two special agents from the IRS showed up with guns at his
kid's school that he discovered what he was doing wasn't right." He
discovered that what HE was doing wasn't right, because armed U.S.
Nazis showed up at his kid's school?!?!

There you have it: "We can HURT you, and that PROVES you're wrong!"
YOU should feel bad, because THEY hurt you (thereby proving that
you were in the wrong). In other words, might makes right. That is
the theme of EVERY propaganda piece put out by the U.S. extortion
racket (and faithfully parroted by people pretending to be
reporters): HERE is what will happen to you if you believe this!
Even if they don't lock you up, they'll take all your money!
Repent, sinner! Um, can we get some answers, or a rational
discussion? No! Shut up, heretic!

I spent a year in prison because some utterly moronic bureaucrats,
and a handful of profoundly ignorant lower court "judges," "TOLD
ME" that the 861 evidence was invalid. And twelve village idiots in
the jury box, who would never be "heretics" themselves (because a
prerequisite to thinking outside of the box is having a brain)
decided that was enough. You see, I COULDN'T believe what I was
saying, because self-proclaimed "authorities" TOLD me I was wrong!

At Galileo's sentencing, he was rebuked for having the gall to
believe "that an opinion may be held and defended as probable after
having been declared and defined as contrary to Holy Scripture" by
the authorities. So he was imprisoned, and coerced into saying that
his conclusions were wrong. In his recantation, he described his
own sin as having expressed his theories about the earth and the
sun, even "after having received a notification that the said
doctrine is contrary to Holy Writ." They gave him "notice," and he
had the gall to not change his mind. Damn heretic!

Not much has changed in the last three hundred years.


Larken Rose