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Urgent: Anyone Near Ocala (FL)?

(originally launched into cyberspace on 01/17/2008)

Dear Subscriber,

I just learned that there is still a heap of those "861 Evidence"
mini-CDs at a warehouse. In the near future, anyone who wants to
pay postage for a box or a case can have them. However, right NOW
what we're looking for is someone in the vicinity of Ocala,
Florida, where the Wesley Snipes trial is happening, who wants to
wander around outside the courthouse there handing out "861
Evidence" mini-CDs. We'll ship a case (there are 1,200 disks in a
case) to the first person who is able to do that.

Be warned, I have no idea how that trial is going. I haven't heard
a peep, so as far as I know, it may be over any second now, or it
may drag on for another week. But if you have the time and energy
to stand around handing out mini-CDs in Ocala, send an e-mail to
"This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." and let them know where to ship the disks.
Don't e-mail me, because I don't have the disks. And for right now,
send an e-mail ONLY if you can hand out mini-CDs at the Ocala
courthouse; if you want some 861 mini-CDs for anything else, in a
couple days I'll tell you how to get them.


Larken Rose