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Message From Tessa

(originally launched into cyberspace on 07/13/2007)

July 13, 2007

Dear Subscribers:

Tomorrow morning at 7:00, I will cut off my ankle bracelet and go
out for breakfast for the first time in five months. As this
ordeal winds down, I would like to share some thoughts and feelings
with you.

For those who need a short synopsis, our home was raided in May
2003. Larken and I were indicted in February 2005. Larken went
into prison in December 2005, for a year. I went in January 2006
for 28 days, and then spent the next five months imprisoned in my
own home. It has truly been a long and trying journey. There have
been moments of heart-pounding stress, moments of despair, and many
days of loneliness and frustration. There were times when I came
close to thinking that what we did wasn’t worth it. But I never
actually came to that point. Always, that pesky little voice
inside me would remind me that I did the right thing, I took a
stand for truth and for justice, and that truth and justice can
never prevail if nobody dares to stand for them. People have been
inspired by my example, just as I am inspired by the examples of
others before me. How would you feel now, the voice has asked me
so many times, if you had chosen the road of comfort?

Now, looking back at the long road behind me, all I feel is pride
that I had it in me to stay the course. While I wouldn’t want to
go through it again, I wouldn’t sell my soul to avoid it, either.
For a conscious, intelligent person, the experience of being
falsely convicted and imprisoned can be hugely educational, mind-
expanding, and inspiring, to the point of turning a naive idealist
into a seasoned activist who doesn’t quake at the thought of a few
months in the pen. I would not give up what I have learned, and
what I have become, for the comfortable future I turned from all
those years ago.

I’m sure you all know that two days ago, Tommy Cryer was acquitted,
adding more cause for celebration to the ending of my home
imprisonment. It makes me feel, most of all, that it really was
all worth it. Nobody will ever win if nobody tries. Some are shot
down and wounded, and some make it through. And I am here to tell
you that even being shot down and wounded is not the end of world.
I have survived it.

I am not eager to see anyone I care about go through what I have
gone through. Be inspired at your own risk.

Tessa Rose

Life is a daring adventure, or nothing at all - Helen Keller