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The Truth Matters

(originally launched into cyberspace on 07/14/2007)

Dear Subscriber,

One thing about the "tax honesty movement" which I find
discouraging is how many people seem to be looking for some magic
trick so that they can escape the IRS' evil clutches, without
bothering to first seek the TRUTH. Such people judge the value of
an idea, not by whether it makes sense or matches the evidence, but
by whether it "works"--i.e., whether it can quickly and easily get
THEM out of having to give the IRS money.

Mind you, trying to avoid being robbed is a fine goal, but in their
quest for freedom, some people don't really seem to care what the
truth is. They will flit from one theory to another, failing to
thoroughly check out any of them, in the hopes of finding those
magic words which will make the IRS disappear from their lives.
Such people have often chided me for sharing my legal conclusions
WITHOUT also giving people advice on what to DO about it, or
offering some "solution." I find that viewpoint rather odd. Suppose
you were shopping, and some guy came running into the store, and
said to you, "Hey, buddy, I think someone is stealing your car!"
How would you respond?:

1) "Woaw, thanks for telling me. I'll go see what I can do about
2) "Well, what do you expect me to do about it? What would you
suggest? How can I do something about it without getting in
trouble? What's your solution?"

Who on earth would respond in the latter manner? No one. Yet when a
lot of us try to tell people, "You're being robbed!" (via the
misrepresentation and misapplication of the federal income tax), a
lot of people in the "movement" respond along the lines of, "Well,
how are YOU going to save me from that?" I'm not, and anyone who
pretends they can guarantee you protection from the IRS should be
avoided at all costs. In the long run, the best chance--probably
the only chance--for anyone to really be free from fear of the IRS
is by the truth being widely known. But for that to happen, some of
us have to actually know and UNDERSTAND the truth, and then spread
it to others.

But taking the time to understand the truth, without even being
sure if you'll be in a position to DO anything about it, is
something most people don't bother with. In the long run, however,
the fraud will be ended, not by those who seek a quick and easy
"fix" to their own problem, but by those who, first and foremost,
seek the TRUTH--the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Then,
when they thoroughly understand the fraud, they will pass it on to
others (as has already been happening on a huge scale).

So, without further ado, I'm happy to announce the release of the
much-improved new version of my "Taxable Income" report. And guess
how much it costs? Despite the fact that the feds mischaracterize
everything I do as a "tax fraud scheme," it's the same price it has
always been: FREE. To download it in PDF format, first go to the web site. Then skip down PAST the part about
the video, and just near the bottom, right above the picture of my
"Tyrant" book, you'll see a link to click to get it. (If you want
to buy the video, be my guest, but you do NOT have to pay a dime to
get all of the information.)

Please don't assume that the report is worthless just because it's
free. (Some have suggested I should sell it, just so people would
perceive it as being of value, but I still refuse to do that.) I
think even those already familiar with the issue could get
something from reading it. More importantly, it would be good for a
lot of you to make someone else you know read it. Then see if they
can say, with a straight face, that the issue is "frivolous,"
"without merit," "nonsensical," or any of the other insults the
power-control freaks like to throw at it.

"The powers that be" put me in a cage for a year for sharing my
findings. (The actual "willful failure to file" charge was a pretty
darn transparent excuse, as those of you familiar with my case
know.) But I intend to keep telling the truth, and I will keep
hoping people will pay attention. Most won't. Some will. But nobody
will pay attention until someone--someone like you--puts the
evidence in front of them first. So there it is.


Larken Rose

Message From Tessa

(originally launched into cyberspace on 07/13/2007)

July 13, 2007

Dear Subscribers:

Tomorrow morning at 7:00, I will cut off my ankle bracelet and go
out for breakfast for the first time in five months. As this
ordeal winds down, I would like to share some thoughts and feelings
with you.

For those who need a short synopsis, our home was raided in May
2003. Larken and I were indicted in February 2005. Larken went
into prison in December 2005, for a year. I went in January 2006
for 28 days, and then spent the next five months imprisoned in my
own home. It has truly been a long and trying journey. There have
been moments of heart-pounding stress, moments of despair, and many
days of loneliness and frustration. There were times when I came
close to thinking that what we did wasn’t worth it. But I never
actually came to that point. Always, that pesky little voice
inside me would remind me that I did the right thing, I took a
stand for truth and for justice, and that truth and justice can
never prevail if nobody dares to stand for them. People have been
inspired by my example, just as I am inspired by the examples of
others before me. How would you feel now, the voice has asked me
so many times, if you had chosen the road of comfort?

Now, looking back at the long road behind me, all I feel is pride
that I had it in me to stay the course. While I wouldn’t want to
go through it again, I wouldn’t sell my soul to avoid it, either.
For a conscious, intelligent person, the experience of being
falsely convicted and imprisoned can be hugely educational, mind-
expanding, and inspiring, to the point of turning a naive idealist
into a seasoned activist who doesn’t quake at the thought of a few
months in the pen. I would not give up what I have learned, and
what I have become, for the comfortable future I turned from all
those years ago.

I’m sure you all know that two days ago, Tommy Cryer was acquitted,
adding more cause for celebration to the ending of my home
imprisonment. It makes me feel, most of all, that it really was
all worth it. Nobody will ever win if nobody tries. Some are shot
down and wounded, and some make it through. And I am here to tell
you that even being shot down and wounded is not the end of world.
I have survived it.

I am not eager to see anyone I care about go through what I have
gone through. Be inspired at your own risk.

Tessa Rose

Life is a daring adventure, or nothing at all - Helen Keller

Terrorist Plot Foiled

(originally launched into cyberspace on 07/12/2007)

Dear Subscriber,

I'm happy to report that today, according to information I just
received, a group of malicious, unscrupulous terrorists was soundly
defeated. Though they weren't captured or killed, and may very well
make further attempts to terrorize people in the future, this time
at least their attempts to inflict harm on an innocent person, in
an effort to advance their own political goals, failed.

The terrorists I speak of are the U.S. federal "prosecutors," and
their helpers in the Infernal Racketeering Scheme, who were trying
to put someone in a cage for holding beliefs that those in power
don't like. I just got word that the nonconformist "tax heretic,"
Tom Cryer, was just found NOT GUILTY on all counts. I know almost
nothing else about the case, so don't bother asking me. As I get
more information, I'll let you know.


Larken Rose

(P.S. The message that made it to me regarding Mr. Cryer's
acquittal falls somewhere between "rumor" and "confirmed fact,"
though closer to the latter. I find it very unlikely that the
people who released the news would have made it up. When I have
solid confirmation, I'll let you know.)

Confirmed: Tom Cryer, NOT GUILTY

(originally launched into cyberspace 07/12/2007)

Dear Subscriber,

Well, the title pretty much says it. Tommy Cryer was indeed
acquitted today of the bogus charges against him (two counts of
"willful failure to file").

So sometimes justice does prevail (no thanks to the misnamed
"Department of Justice"). What I'm most interested in hearing now
is the story from the perspective of the JURORS. But I don't know
when, or if, that wil ever happen. Anyway, I'm betting Mr. Cryer
will get a VERY good night's sleep tonight, and in case this e-mail
finds its way to him, THANK YOU, Mr. Cryer, for doing what is
right, when it was dangerous to do so.


Larken Rose

Sherry Jackson: Tax Heretic

(originally launched into cyberspace on 06/26/2007)

[Note: I tried to send this message a while back, and only just
noticed that it never made it to the list. So here it is, slightly

Dear Subscriber,

Determined to crush dissent and squelch open discussion at all
costs, the federal government is once again seeking to punish a
"tax heretic"--someone with the gall to suggest that the federal
income tax is not what it seems. This time they are going after
Sherry Peel Jackson, having charged her with several counts of
misdemeanor "willful failure to file" (the same thing they falsely
accused me of).

A while back they did the same Gestapo stunt to her that they did
to me, with armed fascists invading her home. Nothing like a bunch
of unthinking jackboots stealing materials that constitute
perfectly legal speech, protected (supposedly) by the First
Amendment, to show just how much "our" government values open
public discourse and the free exchange of ideas.

I never thought I'd see a more bogus "affidavit of probable cause"
than the one the IRS used in my case, but now I have. The "APC" in
Sherry's case is nothing but a list of how Sherry has SPOKEN HER
MIND, in different places and through different mediums (talks,
videos, etc.). How dare she?! Burn her!

The reason the feds really hate Sherry, and want her silenced and
destroyed at all costs (this has nothing to do with "law
enforcement," and everything to do with crushing dissent) is not
just that she is very vocal about her beliefs, but that she used to
be one of them. To have a former IRS Revenue Agent publicly saying
that the IRS is defrauding people is something the control freaks
in DC will not tolerate.

As stupid as American juries can be, the feds are going to have a
tough time with this one. Sherry being black, female, and a former
IRS agent really messes up the "tax protestor" stereotype the feds
love to use. I'm sure they will still do everything they can to
demonize her, but she is very well-spoken, and has been very
consistent and honest throughout. (Maybe they'll dress her up as a
witch, like in the Monty Python skit.)

The feds got a serious black eye when their attempt to destroy
another former fed--Joseph Banister--failed, with "not guilty"
verdicts on all counts. Personally, I think in some ways Sherry is
an even tougher target than Joe. But the fact that Sherry has to go
through this at all, just for having the decency to speak out
against what she sees as a huge injustice, is an abomination, and
shows the true nature of the American tyrants, and the thugs who
work for them (under the ridiculous label of "Justice Department").

So the question is, shall we abandon Sherry to the wolves, and
quietly watch from a safe distance to see how she does? Um, no
thanks. I would of course encourage you to send Sherry whatever
financial support you can, if nothing else to deprive the federal
fascists of the additional pleasure of financially penalizing her
for speaking out (which would harm her even if she is acquitted).
But I would also encourage you to support her with your EYES, by
keeping a close eye on what the feds are trying to do to her, and

Below is Sherry's message, which speaks for itself, so I'll shut up


Larken Rose

(P.S. If you want to support Sherry via PayPal, you can send funds
to "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.".)

- -------------< begin message from Sherry >-------------

Jun 7, 2007, 11:13 PM


On Friday, April 13th (the last possible day that it could be done
include the year 2000) the government filed criminal charges
against me.
The charge is from Section 7203 and it is willful failure to file.
are four counts – 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003.

This was not in Indictment, it was an Information. I have been told
that an
Indictment is for felonies and an Information is for misdemeanors.
they filed the charges they finally had to unseal the affidavit of
cause that the agent swore to the judge to get permission to invade
my home.
This affidavit is just a listing of all of the places that I have
spoken out
and asked the government to show the law. It does not state any
acts on my part, but it does state that they had my family under
surveillance, they went through our garbage and they retrieved our
They also went to my church and demanded the records of all my
tithes and
offerings for those four years. Who is the criminal?

Anyway, the affidavit claims conspiracy, and three other
However, after all was said and done they came up with willful
failure to
file. Those of you that know the law know that we have an excellent
to win this case. Without getting into any details of our strategy,
I have
retained Larry Becraft (that handled Vernie Kuglin’s case) and a
attorney to help me. We will work to obtain the same outcome as

I will need help paying legal fees. I have already taken out a
loan, but I have no equity in my home and can’t refinance for any
funds. If
you would like to help us obtain a victory it would be kind of you
to donate
towards a victory. I am working to get all of my “Breaking The
Shackles” DVD’s back, (they stole about 800 of them) and those that
send at
least $100 will receive an autographed one if and when I get them

If you plan to help out please write the check or money order to
Jackson and send it to 1560 Fieldgreen Overlook, Stone Mountain,
30088. I do not have a legal defense fund set up but hopefully you
that these funds will go straight to pay the attorneys (which they
want to
be paid up front). Our goal is 40,000 which will include the
remainder of
the attorney fees and the known expenses like travel and hotel.

I will still continue to run my business and use those funds to pay
my house
hold expenses, so please pray that clients won’t run from me now
because of
these charges.

I pray that you are with me at least in prayer that we prevail and
that our
country gets back to the country that it was meant to be. I think a
is needed and will help.


Sherry Peel Jackson

"Cowardice asks the question: is it safe? Expediency asks the
question: is
it political? Vanity asks the question: is it popular? But
conscience asks
the question: is it right? And there comes a time when one must
take a
position that is neither safe, nor political, nor popular - but one
take it simply because it is right." Martin Luther King, Jr.

"I had reasoned this out in my mind, there was one of two things I
had a
right to, liberty or death; if I could not have one, I would have
other." Harriet Tubman

Tax Heretic Relief Fund

(originally launched into cyberspace on 05/28/2007)

Dear Subscriber,

I finally got around to doing something I've been meaning to do for
a while, and it's somewhat appropriate that it is up and running on
Memorial Day. Though this is generally considered a day to
acknowledge those who died in military combat, the underlying
sentiment is to remember to be thankful for those who put
themselves in harm's way for the sake of the rest of us. And
getting killed is not the only way to suffer for a cause. Becoming
a prisoner of war is another unpleasant result of fighting the good

Memorial Day is often a day of fervent nationalism--something I
personally detest. I find loyalty to an arbitrary geographic
location, or to a particular group of tyrants ("government"), to be
goofy (to put it nicely). On the other hand, loyalty to a
principle, a noble ideal--such as freedom, or truth, or justice--is
very worthwhile, and those who have suffered for such a cause
deserve our recognition and our support.

That is why I started the Tax Heretic Relief Fund, to make it
easier for people to help out the family of one particular "tax
heretic" who has risked and lost a LOT in an effort to spread the
truth: Dr. Charles Thomas Clayton (aka "Dr. Tom"). While there lots
of good people who have suffered at the hands of the IRS, I know of
no one who has given so freely of his time, effort, and money (LOTS
of all three) with not even the request to ever be repaid for any
of it. His reward was to be demonized, harassed, railroaded, and
then sentenced to five years in prison for crimes the government
KNOWS he did not commit.

The efforts of Dr. Clayton ARE having a lasting effect, even while
he sits in prison. There is no way to tell how many thousands of
people have had a taste of the truth, who never would have if not
for Dr. Clayton. So this Memorial Day, I honor one person in
particular, who has "fallen in battle" for speaking his mind. He
was taken from his friends and family and made into a political
prisoner, because he said things which the powers that be could not
refute, but would not tolerate being spoken (which is a fine
definition of the concept of "heresy"). Thus the name of the fund.

We can't do much for Dr. Tom himself right now (I'm not even
allowed to write to him until I'm finished my "supervised
release"), but we can help his family, which is his primary concern
right now. A lot of you generously gave in the past, but now it's
become a lot easier. The following link allows donations to be made
online. (Before donating, please read the rest of this message.)

While you can just make a one-time donation, I would strongly
encourage those who can to make it a recurring monthly thing, which
this system can do (which is why I chose it). We each have enough
going on in our lives that it's pretty easy to forget about the
troubles of anyone we don't see or hear about on a daily basis. His
family has expenses every month, whether we remember to send them
help or not. Wouldn't it be cool if they could count on getting an
assistance check every month?

There are still a little under 6,000 people on this list. If we
each pledged just $10 a month, Tom's family would get almost
$60,000 a month (about $700,000 a year), all of which even the IRS
knows is tax-free. Of course, there's no way that's going to
happen, but if a thousand of us pledge what we can, we can make a
hard time significantly easier for the family of this "tax
heretic." Don't hold back because you think others will do it.
Trust me on this: NO amount of money would be too much of a "thank
you" for what Tom has done for all of us. (I'd love to see his
family get a million dollars a year, but I know that won't happen.)

Important note: If you want to do a monthly recurring gift, you
need to put in the YEARLY total as the donation amount on the first
page. For example, if you want to give $10 a month for a year, put
$120 as the donation amount; if you can do $20 a month, put $240,
and so on. The NEXT page in the donation process gives you the
option of splitting your total donation up into regular monthly

I'm sure I'll be mentioning this worthy cause again, but I wanted
to get this message out this Memorial Day, so people can start
showing support for this particular "fallen" hero.


Larken Rose

P.S. Many thanks to the anonymous supporter who sent me and Tessa
that hunk of metal. It couldn't have come at a better time, though
I lament having to convert it into those dang Federal Reserve